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Membership Options

In order to join the Association of British Cycling Coaches you need to satisfy the membership and examiners committee that your qualification is current and to the standard required by the ABCC.

Associate & Student


This grade of membership is open to all who wish to become members of the association. Membership will allow access to our online coaching resources and The Journal of Cycle Coaching. This grade is required for all new students.

Coaches & Leaders


This grade of membership is open to all ABCC qualified coaches. It is also available to coaches and leaders of other organsations recognised by ABCC.

Limited Company Coaches


This grade of membership is open to qualified individual coaches who are operating as limited companies.

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What we do

Develop and maintain a coach education system.

Monitor and maintain examination standards linked to a graded award structure.

Maintain a register of qualified coaches.

Develop and maintain effective communications.

Issue periodically a journal highlighting the latest coaching information and opinions.

Issue, monitor and update coaching materials which shall be the basis for the education, training and examination of all cycling coaches.

Recruit, train and further develop coaches.

Promote and support coaches in establishing and maintaining an appropriate status.

Encourage qualified coaches to apply their experience and expertise for the benefit of cyclists.

Obtain insurance to protect all registered cycling coaches against insurance claims which may arise during coaching activities.

Organise an Annual Conference for all cycling coaches.

Feedback from our coaches

Although I’ve been a coach since 2003, & am already a British Cycling Level 3 Coach in two disciplines, I wanted to expand my knowledge as a Coach so completed the ABCC Level 3 Course. The administration and content of the two organisations courses is different which I found gave me a more rounded understanding. The online modules are good and once an exam paper is completed and submitted, the results are instant. The parts of the course that I found the most enjoyable were the two latter parts, the complex Training Plan and organising, preparing and delivering a presentation. I believe that learning and development should be on-going, it enriches me and benefits the riders that I coach.

Kath Akoslovski
ABCC Level 3 Coach

I spent years trying to build coaching knowledge through reading various training guides and ‘bibles’, but with limited success. I wish I’d found the ABCC course sooner as my knowledge and confidence in all aspects of endurance training improved immeasurably after studying the course.

The material itself is well laid out, having been refined over numerous decades by experienced coaches. It is comprehensive and provides a great foundation for anyone interested in developing training plans. Also, the regular tests, the final assignment and periodic coach interaction ensures that concepts are properly understood.

I would have no hesitation in recommending the ABCC course to anybody who is looking to develop a rounded knowledge of cycling training theory and apply this knowledge practically.

Richard Lunt
Newly Qualified ABCC Level 3 Coach

I’ve been racing Mountain bikes for over a decade now and I’ve always been interested in the way the body responds to physical activity. A few years ago I was talking to a friend who is a Cycle coach he was telling me how he gained his qualifications and it was through ABCC. It’s then that I decided that is what I would like to do.

Life got in the way for a couple of years but early this year I got in touch with ABCC, I registered for the course and started studying the modules. All along the way Mark from ABCC as been there when you’ve needed him for help and everyone as been friendly and professional. I really got stuck in with the course this year and I’m now a qualified level 3 coach.

Lee Eaton

One of the great things about the Coaching qualification is the time you are given to complete it. Which makes it accessible to everyone. It really does enable you to carry on with daily commitments (work, training, family etc.) whilst you study. This also means you have the time to really understand each module, and apply it to real life scenarios. I found the course content logical and informative. I hold qualifications in Human Physiology/Pharmacokinetics and Nutrition, which meant some of the course content was not new to me. However I found it was written in a way that was not too basic, and kept me interested. Although many of us now used the internet based training programs which calculate things like CTL and TSS for you, having to work through a plan manually really does provide a different insight. Having completed the course I feel confident in my abilities to coach others.

Becky Smith

Camino El Colegio 46, Santa Brigida, Las Palmas, 35310, Spain
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