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About the Course

The course is arranged on a modular, online, distance learning model. Students work through the course at their own speed. Each module covers a specific set of topics and is assessed by an online examination. Successful completion of a module exam allows access to the following module.

At the end of the modular part of the course, there are two practical elements. The first is the construction of a training plan based on what the student has learned during the course. The second is the delivery of an assessed presentation. Mentors are available to guide all students, should they require it.

Students must posses an industrial-type first aid certificate before being awarded Coach status.

The maximum time allowed for completion of the course is two years. Students who fail to complete their studies within this period will automatically be removed from the register of Student Coaches. However, the ABCC Executive Committee may consider an extension of this period if a reasonable case is made by the student.

Unqualified student Coaches studying for ABCC Coaching Awards are not covered by ABCC insurance until they have successfully completed the full course and paid the Registration Fee.


 module 1

Module 1

Anatomy and Physiology
Bone, Cartilage and Tendon
The Skeleton
The Body’s systems: muscular, nervous, cardio-vascular, respiratory, digestive
The Basis of Training
Basic Exercise Physiology
Training Principles
Further Reading
Examination Paper

 Module 2

Module 2

Basic Fitness Training
Basic Circuit Training
Weight Training for Cycling
Running for Cyclists
Flexibility Exercises
Further Reading
Examination Paper

Mod 3a front


mod3b front

Module 3a

Training Levels and Heart Rate Monitors
Advanced Heart Rate Training
Power Based Levels
Levels of Training Intensity
Six Levels
RPE, The Borg Scale
Children, Women & Veterans
Training Juveniles
Fitness Testing
Further Reading
Examination Paper


Road Training, individual and group methods
Track Coaching
Time Trial
Cyclo Cross
Mountain Bike
Cycle Speedway
Further Reading
Examination Paper


 mod 4

Module 4

Race Tactics
Preparation of Individual Training Schedules, including periodisation
Training Diaries
Tapering for a Key Competition
Further Reading
Examination Paper

 mod 5

Module 5

Mental Preparation
Anxiety and arousal
Visualisation and Imagery
Further Reading
Examination Paper

 module 6

Module 6

Position on the Bike
Choice of Equipment
Choice and Use of Gears
Maintenance of Equipment.
Body Care and Hygiene
Clothing for Training and Racing
Coaching and Teaching Techniques
Further Reading
Examination Paper

 module 7

 Module 7

NSPCC Child Protection in Sport and Active Leisure


Final Assessment 1 Training Plan

Final Assessment 2 Presentation

You may just wish to improve your own performance without becoming a coach. We can accommodate this. In this case you would not be required to attempt the question papers. Taking this route will mean that you miss out on expert comment on your answers from the examiners.

The course costs £250.

To enrol, contact the Administrator


Camino El Colegio 46, Santa Brigida, Las Palmas, 35310, Spain
Contact the ABCC Today
Call us on +34 696 313 209