Join the Association of British Cycling Coaches

In order to join the Association of British Cycling Coaches you need to satisfy the membership and examiners committee that your qualification is current and to the standard required by the ABCC.

According to the ABCC Constitution and Rules , there are the following classes of membership

  1. Full Membership
    1. The ABCC Chairperson
    2. ABCC Senior Coaches
    3. ABCC Coaches
    4. ABCC and CCA Leaders Awards holders
    5. Coaches from other organisations whose qualification standards meet the requirements of the ABCC
    6. Fellows

    Only full members shall be entitled to hold office, vote, or nominate for office at any Annual General Meeting of the Association and only if their subscriptions have been paid up to date. Full members can chose to pay the insured or uninsured rate.


  2. Associate Membership
    1. ABCC Student Coaches
    2. Subscribers to ABCC Journal

    Associate membership registers the qualification, gets “Cycle Coaching” magazine, but is not insured by the ABCC. In addition, the Associate Member appears on all ABCC lists of active coaches, can attend the AGM.

Coaches who prove they have satisfactorily completed the British Cycling (formerly British Cycling Federation) Level 2 Coaches course are automatically accepted for associate membership. British Cycling Level 3 coaches may apply for full membership.

Prior members of ABCC whose membership has lapsed will be considered for reinstatement by the membership and examiners committee. Members who have ceased coaching but wish to remain registered and receive “Cycle Coaching” may elect to become associate members without their names appearing on the ABCC active coaches lists.

ABCC membership
The services you receive depends upon your type of membership. These include insurance, Cycle Coaching Journal, Newsletters and membership of your own independent organisation which successfully protects your rights. The fees this year remain unchanged. We have a comprehensive insurance package which covers incidental activities that cycling coaches do in addition to direct coaching. This insurance also covers the possible long-term effects of advice which a coach might give. The cost of membership including £5 million insurance cover is £52, for the uninsured level of membership it is £35. You should ask your club to subsidise your ABCC membership as you are doing them a service by being comprehensively insured for coaching.
Please check your ABCC membership details carefully before submitting your online renewal.

You can now join the ABCC or renew your membership and pay online quickly and securely!

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Alternatively, please download the relevant registration form below and follow the instructions:

  • Membership Renewal Form (PDF / WORD)
  • New Member Application Form (PDF / WORD)
  • Ltd Company Application / Renewal (PDF)